DELE exam to obtain the nationality


You have to pass 2 exams a language exam and one about the knowledge of the Spanish Constitution, the minors will not have to do those tests, persons from countries where Spanish dofficial language will not have to do the Spanish test . The required level for the DELE diploma is minimum A2. Most people will sign up for that level and therefore a lot of examination centres are crowded. Of course you can take a test with a higher level for example B1, this way you will not have to wait for months to take it . The exam is made up of 4 assignments. Assignment 3, 3 interaction y 1 expression.
The registration has to be made through an official DELE.
examination centre
The first date is the 25th of February and there are exams monthly.

Here we can help you preparing these tests fand with the registration; The classes can be individual and in groups.