Registering an imported vehicle


If you move to another country and you take a vehicle with you , you have 60 days to register starting from the day you register at the town to save on import taxes .

matricula españaAfter those 60 days the amount to be paid wiill be much higher. The amount to be paid will depend on the type of car we own.

The first thing is to contact an engineer who will elaborate a vehicle registration certificate
Once we have it, we will make an appointment with the MOT Inspection, or the engineer will do it for us.

After passing the MOT test , we must go to the Tax Office, but, be aware that the vehicle registration tax can only be paid once a week in some of the offices. You can also make the payment online with the 576 form, we will need a user certificate and sometimes the webpage of the Tax Office does not work.

The last step after paying the tax is to go to the General Traffic Department and it has to be in this order, if we go to the Traffic Department before we paid the tax, it will be in vain. Finally, if we also have to exchange the driving license, first we must get the and bring it to the Traffic Office. We will get our new driving license in about a month’s time.

Fuente de la foto: DGT